Restaurant in Puri - Sholoana Bangali Resturant

Photo Credit- Sudeshna Sarkar

If you are planning to visit Puri ,Odisha, make sure you take your time out to eat in this  restaurant. Serving you with typical bangali food,.

You might ask what so special about this place? The entire Puri is full of Bengali restaurant, why should I visit here?
Well this is exactly what I thought too. But when I visited this place , I enjoyed their quality of food. The serving quantity was pretty decent and they have maintained a good hygiene which is very rare to find in some famous restaurant and hotels in Puri. 

We order fish, chicken curry ,rice and aloo bhaja. The size of the fish was good and the quantity was two. Also the chicken quality was real good and not boney. Most of the times with so much tourist in Puri, hotels and resturant generally do not pay heed to the quality.
Sholoana Bangali resturant in Puri  also maintained a pocket friendly atmosphere.

If you walk towards the New Marine Drive close to Swarga-dwar ,you will come across this 100% Bong Restaurant.

When you are ordering Aloo Bhaja  do ask if they are serving ready-made or  crispy hot fried ones.They served us ready-made once and it was  really bad.

Rating  3.5/5

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